Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Perchance to grill

...an 18.

So today, I discovered that people look at you funny if you tenderize and do a rub on a steak while in the parking lot of your local Byerly's. Also, if you're using a wine marinade to go with said steak, don't spill it in your car. I actually forgot to bring a wine bottle opener, but I can just see the scenario now...

...whirly lights, sirens..."Have you been drinking sir?" Innocently, and truthfully, "No officer, I haven't." "Are you sure, there seems to be an odor." "Truly, officer. I've not been drinking. However, I did want to marinade my steak so I poured the wine in with the onion soup rub. I spilt some wine in the car" "Sure, sure. Step out of the car." "No, really officer! Here let me show you..." Reaching over to cooler to remove steak..."Sir, out of the car. Hands up." "Really officer, its just in the cooler..." "Out of the car!" Bang!!! "Oops." Later, after the scene has been photographed, searched, etc. an officer looks into the cooler. "Hey, it really was steak! Can we keep it?"

I guess that this should have gone on Receipeeps-4-Us, well, some of it. Anyway, the steak turned out fine, althouth it was more medium-well then the medium I was shooting for. Awesome, easy dessert: rum glazed grilled pineapple slices! So very easy to make. Put them on ice cream and yay! For the sauce I used 1/4 cup rum (dark), 1/4 cup brown sugar, 2 Tbsp of butter (or butter-like substance). Melt in a sauce pan and reduce a bit (I know super accurate instructions. Just the way I roll...er, cook.) Slice up a pineapple and de-core the slices. Um, the slices should be ring-like. Pour sauce in bowl, drop pineapple in bowl, take bowl out to grill. To the grill. Don't grill the bowl. Put slices on grill at med-high heat. Grill until grill marks form (4 minutes mas o menos), flip, drizzle with sauce (SAVE SOME FOR LATER!!!), continue cooking until more grill marks appear. Put on (or under or beside) ice cream and drizzle remaining sauce (cause you saved some, right?) on everything.

By the way, the sauce smells awesome!

Also, Pan's Labyrinth is still a wonderful movie, even after the third viewing. Fairy tales in the old school mode. Which reminds me of a book I read The Witch Must Die that discoursed on the issue of the role of the witch in fairy tales and why the witch always dies, horribly, in fairy tales. Interesting book.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

...a twelve.


I have to admit that at first I wasn't going to actually post, but...things look interesting, so I'll give it a try.

If you were unfortunate enough to stumble across this now, sorry. I'll try to have it presentable in a few days.